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Big Black Ass Crushing Blonde Shrunken Woman

So, as I said last week, I would start uploading updated content of me performing different scenes involving Giantess fetish / shrunken people. I thought it would be super fun to do a scene involving a shrunken woman (SW). Meet Trixie, a dumb blonde bimbo bitch who I hate, shrunk down to doll-like size and decided to terrorize and torture by crushing her repeatedly with my big black ass until she’s smashed into my beautiful brown BBW flesh LOL!

bbw giantess shrunken woman

17 large photos + an animated gif of my big black ass slowing crushing and smothering a little blonde SW over and over.


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BBW Giantess Drawing

Today was a big relaxation day for me, and really nothing relaxes me more than spending some time doing my favorite hobby: Photosop! I decided to color a drawing that a fan sent of me as a black bbw giantess dangling a little man that I shrank down to tiny size from my panties. His vision was that after he has been shrunken and dangles I belly dance in attempt to shake him off and instill fear in him, and also to torture him by smothering him in my soft fat belly. Sounds familiar? I recorded a video inspired by that exact idea!

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I loved the scenario and I thought the drawing was amazing and so very cute that I wanted to put a little color to it to bring it even more to life.

bbw giantess

Hope you shrunken men and bbw giantess lovers enjoy!

I consider Giantess to be one of my top favorite fetishes. The power and control excite me and I also get great amusement from making men completely helpless and unable to deny me in their tiny stature. It’s like they’re little toys whether they like it or not. 🙂 Hehehe.

The plan I have is to record a new giantess video some time this week. Hopefully it should be completed by Friday.

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