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Facesitting Ex

I had an ex message me today on Skype saying he missed me deeply, especially the way I would sit on his face and smother him. Admittedly I had to smile. There’s little that satisfies me more than sitting my big black ass on someone’s face and using it as a seat. I adore facesitting: the feeling of power, control and superiority excite me. The thought of tying a man down under my fat ass and moist pussy until he eventually struggles for air make me happy. I like to think of it from his perspective: nothing but darkness, moisture, the taste of my juices and the sexy smell of my sweet princess body is so arousing. This particular male used to get suck a big throbbing dick with me planted on top of him. He’d wrap his arms around my thighs and pull me closer, the weight of my BBW body crushing down on him, helping me deprive him of air so he could breathe in nothing but my pussy and ass LOL. This was only a few months ago and you know I miss it too! I miss having a facesitting slave around to be smothered in my beautiful ass and body until the both of us cum. I gotta start taking applications. 🙂

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