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Interracial Threesome FFM

Sooo I signed on to Adult Work to give my British and European bbw admirers some love and ended up engaging in my first e-threesome through my live sex cam! They were a married couple living in Scotland. The wife was a beautiful, petite Chinese woman, the husband was Scottish and they both agreed that they absolutely loved and my sexy, curvy BBW body. As an ebony black American girl, they wanted to add me to their interracial sex mix and knew I’d be just perfect for them! The wife said she immediately fell for me because loved my endless curves, big black boobs and wanted to play in them, especially to suck my nipples. The husband, too loved my body, and wanted to stick his fat white dick in my pretty black pussy. Of course I didn’t mind being the center of attention with this attractive, super horny couple! We played for a good 45 minutes or so, me taking turns on them both, and them talking dirty to me. In the end all 3 of us came so hard and felt so satisfied. But it didn’t stop there! After we all came and hubby excused himself to clean up his huge load, the wife and I had naked small talk and she was very excited about the thought of having me in Scotland to be her girlfriend, to do girl on girl play and have hubby spoil us both while we do nothing but shop, get mani pedis and be our girlie selves all on hubby’s dime! Mmm sounds like a fuckin dream come true! LOL

Who would really blame them for being attracted to a beautiful black BBW such as me? With my fabulous big tits, nice bubble butt and beautiful face I could make any couple bust!

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BBW Girl on Girl sex, BBW Interracial Sex

Hello every one! I had a good day today on my live bbw cam! I actually talked to quite a few lesbians and bisexual girls who totally had a thing for a sexy black BBW like ME. My big tits, round bubble butt and cute belly had them just dripping to play, and play we did! Seriously, I watched a couple of them on live sex cam cam to cam sessions and would you believe I made two of their wet pussy squirt all over for me?! I was like OMG that is amazing. Honestly I think that’s so hot when I get a horny girl popping up in my webcam chat room and wanting to cum with me. I love the Dick so, so much but there’s something about chicks that can be so sexy. Big boobies and big booty are definitely a weakness for me! :p I also had quite a few Italian men from both Italy and the states who made it no secret they wanted to throw me the Italian sausage lol! Italia represent! They thought it was so hot to imagine their white dick sliding in my tight black pussy and you know .. I have no problem with that either! Duh I love white dick. Well actually I love all dick lol. 😀 Interracial sex can be the best sex lol!

Anyways, here are some shots from some of my cam shows today! Enjoy!

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