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BBW Giantess Drawing

Today was a big relaxation day for me, and really nothing relaxes me more than spending some time doing my favorite hobby: Photosop! I decided to color a drawing that a fan sent of me as a black bbw giantess dangling a little man that I shrank down to tiny size from my panties. His vision was that after he has been shrunken and dangles I belly dance in attempt to shake him off and instill fear in him, and also to torture him by smothering him in my soft fat belly. Sounds familiar? I recorded a video inspired by that exact idea!

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I loved the scenario and I thought the drawing was amazing and so very cute that I wanted to put a little color to it to bring it even more to life.

bbw giantess

Hope you shrunken men and bbw giantess lovers enjoy!

I consider Giantess to be one of my top favorite fetishes. The power and control excite me and I also get great amusement from making men completely helpless and unable to deny me in their tiny stature. It’s like they’re little toys whether they like it or not. 🙂 Hehehe.

The plan I have is to record a new giantess video some time this week. Hopefully it should be completed by Friday.

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