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Jun. 19.

A Day of Loud, Roaring, Smelly Farts

Listen as how my day progressively goes on my farts get bigger and louder. I continuously hike up my dress, pull down my panties and let roaring, bare-ass farts explode in your face. Watch as huge gusts of wind exit my anus causing my butt cheeks to visibly vibrate and my tampon string to move. I fart in the bathroom, fart outside, fart in the kitchen as I’m cooking dinner, fart while my friends and I are watching the game, and keep farting even at the end of the night as I lay in bed watching TV. These are my loudest, hugest, nastiest, smelliest farts to date. So much so that throughout the video I continuously giggle and laugh my ass off at you for being forced to inhale and smell them.

Fart Fetish – Loud Farts – Smelly Farts – Bare Ass Farts – Farting in Dress – Pretty Girl Farting – Ass Sniffing – Fart Sniffing – Ass Smelling – Fart in Face

Price: $5.99 USD
Length: 4 minutes

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Jun. 18.

SUPER Sexy BBW Forced Fart Sniffing

A continuation of me farting in my cute Superman outfit.

This clip is primarily a *REQUEST*. Buyer wrote “Is there anyway you could position the camera (medium to close view front and side view) so that I can see you sitting in the chair farting? after each fart,leave the camera going,stand up and fan them! Once you have did your last fart in the video,move the camera close to the seat cushion,pretending to make me or give me the privelage to sniff it!”

No problem! Seated in my chair I let loose several smelly farties and after each one I fan them your way. Watch how after each poot I playfully grab the back of your head and force you closer, encouraging you to take sniffs of my sweet anal aroma not only directly from my ass, but from my leather seat, in the toilet, etc

Fart Fetish – BBW Farts – Big Ass – Loud Farts – Smelly Farts – Ass Sniffing – Ass Smelling – Sexy Girl Farting – Fart Sniffing – Toilet Farting

Price: $4.99 USD
Length: 3 minutes

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Jun. 18.

SUPER Sexy BBW Ass Worship & Facesit Farting

Dressed in a sexy Superman outfit I look so feminine and lady-like as I first show you which foods make me crazy gassy, and soon after a couple of bites you see the look of discomfort on my face as a huge bubble forms in my tummy. Immediately I bend over for you and let it rip, after that they just don’t seem to stop!Watch my puckered poothole push out loud, smelly farts at different angles, but all blown your way. The camera lingers so you can absorb the odor as I fan them on you and even shove your face right in between my big, brown ass cheeks and force you to sniff. I giggle at you, jiggle my fat ass for you and comment on how they smell.

These farts were so rank that the smell was embedded in my sexy red panties when I took them off. Wanna buy a pair of my fart-soaked panties to sniff for yourself? Email me!

BBW Ass Worship – Fart Fetish – Fart Sniffing – Sexy Girl Farting – BBW Farts – Big Ass – Sexy Panties – Ass Shaking – Sexy Superhero

Price: $6.99 USD
Length: 6 minutes

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