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Sneeze and Eating Fetishes Explored

So how was everyone’s weekend? If you didn’t spend some of it with me, I hope you had a crazy good kinky time regardless 🙂

Mine was actually awesome because my favorite Good Dick came to visit me. Anytime he comes to visit it’s like everything else be damned, we get in what we can fit in between fuck sessions. It’s crazy he can never get enough of my tight wet black pussy and I can never get enough of his juicy yummy dick. I think I came on it at least 6 times. Came in his mouth another 4 or so times. Mmm his tongue is amazing too and he looooves eating my pussy juice. So sexy. Such a turn on. He has these crazy tricks that make me so juicy and quickly cum for him I fucking love it. I could go into more details about this, but I think I’ll keep it private from such a forum. If you wanna know more call me and ask 🙂

So I finally got my Clips4Sale Fetish Store up and running a couple weeks ago and when I’m not camming I’m busy uploading content to the site. I quickly learned that many sneeze fetish and nose blowing fetish lovers out there love the fact that at this time of the year my allergies act up and I become a sneezy, snotty mess. Well, who knew a few random videos of me having allergy attacks would be such a hit, but I love that they love it and it’s quickly starting to become one of my favorite fetishes!

Other than that I have several eating feeder/feedee clips of me chowing down on greasy fatty foods until my belly stretches out and I’m completely bloated and full that seem to also be popular with bbw weight gain lovers. Check them out and let me know what you think!

Also if you have any fetish requests or custom clips you’d like to see me make contact me through Twitter or this site 🙂

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