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A Day of Loud, Roaring, Smelly Farts

Listen as how my day progressively goes on my farts get bigger and louder. I continuously hike up my dress, pull down my panties and let roaring, bare-ass farts explode in your face. Watch as huge gusts of wind exit my anus causing my butt cheeks to visibly vibrate and my tampon string to move. I fart in the bathroom, fart outside, fart in the kitchen as I’m cooking dinner, fart while my friends and I are watching the game, and keep farting even at the end of the night as I lay in bed watching TV. These are my loudest, hugest, nastiest, smelliest farts to date. So much so that throughout the video I continuously giggle and laugh my ass off at you for being forced to inhale and smell them.

Fart Fetish – Loud Farts – Smelly Farts – Bare Ass Farts – Farting in Dress – Pretty Girl Farting – Ass Sniffing – Fart Sniffing – Ass Smelling – Fart in Face

Price: $5.99 USD
Length: 4 minutes

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