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Sissy and BBW Femdom Cam to Cam

Sissies, sissies everywhere! I had so many feminization chats on my live fetish cam today! Sissies who wanted to be made over, dressed, forced to suck cock and of course fucked by a beautiful black bbw femdom mistress. LOL! One in particular was so fun because he had a cam to cam and the first thing I saw when I turned it on was him dressed in his little pink teddy and thong set with thigh high stockings. Oh MY god. It was amazing … and amazingly hilarious. It did not take long for him to submit to me and tell me his holes were for the taking for me. He loved me upon first seeing me and told me he belonged to me, his humiliation femdom mistress, and would do absolutely anything I asked of him. My oh my oh my. Just the words I love to hear from a good little submissive slave! I could not wait to get him turned out! I made him model his cutesy little outfit and show me his pussy and clitty in his little see thru thong. He seemed like a little bitch who needed a good dick, but alas he did not have any toys. Never fear mistress is here! I told him to grab the nearest dick-like object which turned out to be …. a fucking hairbrush! This sissy bitch did not hesitate to get on his knees and deep throat his new “dick” sucking it down and gagging all over it. I enjoyed hearing his throat get stretched open but of course that was not enough. I made him get it juicy wet, then turn around and bend over so that he could shove that makeshift cock in his sissy asshole for me to see with a perfect view. LMAO. No shit he shoved the WHOLE handle of a hairbrush up his ass (no lube!) and fucked it until he came! I was so amused by it all. I laughed and laughed and gave him a great bbw femdom session that made him bust his little sissy load.

I love sissies and live live fetish cam shows! If you have a sissy feminization fantasy do not hesitate to call me now!

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