Sweet Little Man

I had such a fun weekend doing fetish phone sex and cam shows. Started off on Saturday night when I got a call from a giantess lover and he was such a blast to talk to. I really appreciated all of his unique ideas regarding the fetish as he was very insightful and out of the box. From different ways I could shrink him and control him to ways I could grow and invoke fear into him and a village of little men / tiny people lol! Honestly, some of my favorite sessions are when men who are into certain fetishes just rattle off what they find to be a turn on, instead of having me play a guessing game. My favorite way to learn new things about fetishes is through you guys, because you can be so imaginative and come up with things that I never would have guessed would work but you make it fit. It’s great to learn what makes men tick, as everyone is different and one size never fits all.

Anyway, my new little man and I discussed doing a giantess webcam session and I cannot wait to play out some of his fantasies. What are yours?

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